music by Martin de Ruiter, poetry by Juan Carlos Tajes, performed by Quinteto Capital Tango. CD can be ordered via the 'contact' page on this site, and is also available as download via: and on Spotify:

photo: Quinteto Capital Tango, with Juan Tajes and Bennie Bartels performing MinoTauroTango in concert


Martin de Ruiter
studied the accordion at the Amsterdam School of the Arts, and chamber music at the Rotterdam Conservatory.
Initially, he focused mainly on contemporary music and played a.o. with the Netherlands Wind Ensemble, the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra, Scapino Ballet, Slagwerk Den Haag and the Metropole Orchestra.
He participated in theater productions by Toneelgroep Amsterdam and Nationale Toneel, both as player and composer. As a soloist and conductor he worked at festivals in the Netherlands (e.g. Musica Sacra), in Germany, Austria, Belgium and France (e.g. Octobre en Normandie in Rouen).

In 1992 he began playing the bandoneon in the ensemble Che Tango. In 1995 he founded the quartet El Conjunto.
These groups did concerts in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Uruguay and Argentina, and appeared in several TV programs (including ‘Reiziger in Muziek’) and at various festivals (including Poetry International , Dunya Festival and Joventango Festival Internacional Tango in Uruguay). In 2012 he played the opening concert of the International Bandoneon Festival in Krefeld (Germany) together with guitar player Kay Sleking.
In 2014 he founded Capital Tango, a trio with Andreas Suntrop (electric guitar) and Annie Tångberg (cello), later extended to Quinteto Capital Tango, with Sebastiaan van Delft (piano) and Erik Winkelmann (contrabass)
In 2015 he wrote music for the theatrical dance performance MinoTauroTango on texts by the Uruguayan poet / singer Juan Tajes. This music was performed by Quinteto Capital Tango and Juan Tajes and released on CD.
Since 2018 The Martin de Ruiter trio has been playing music on the cutting edge of tango and jazz, with Elliot Muusses on electric guitar and Erik Winkelman on contrabass. He played the solo bandoneon in the tango opera ‘Maria de Buenos Aires’ by Astor Piazzolla in performances in the Netherlands and Japan, and solo bandoneon in the ‘Misa Tango’ by Luis Bacalov and the ‘Misa a Buenos Aires‘ by Martin Palmeri.
At the momenet he is working on a composition for choir, bandoneon and strings that will be finished at the end of 2019.

He has written several scores for silent films including ‘un Chien Andalou’ (1929), ‘Submarine’ (1928) and ‘Der Mandarin’ (1918): the latter was performed live at the ‘Konzerthaus’ in Vienna.
Martin de Ruiter is programmer ‘silent film and live music‘ in EYE Film Institute Netherlands.

The MARTIN DE RUITER TRIO plays music on the cutting edge of tango and jazz with a repertoire that largely consists of compositions written by the trio members themselves with plenty of room for improvisation. That bandoneon is not exclusively meant for the tango, is proven by this ensemble around bandoneonist and composer Martin de Ruiter. After studying at the Amsterdam School of the Arts, he first concentrated on contemporary composed music, playing the accordion. Through theater music and film music he came into contact with the tango and the bandoneon. He played, among others, in Che Tango and Capital Tango. Guitarist Elliot Muusses briefly studied tango at the Rotterdam Conservatory before deciding to devote himself entirely to jazz first. He received his Master Degree in jazz guitar at the Amsterdam Conservatory. He played in many jazz and tango ensembles including Trasnoche and Sexteto Canyengue. Contrabassist Erik Winkelmann plays in the Metropole Orchestra since 1995. After studying classical bass at the Amsterdam Conservatory, he studied jazz bass for a period. In addition to all styles of light music, he regularly played tango in among others Quinteto Capital Tango.